Looking for a New Social Media Guru: Twitter and Facebook

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Looking for a New Social Media Guru: Twitter and Facebook

Post by Franchise » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:29 pm

In addition to scoring Impact, lfpnrg was also our social media guru; he primarily ran both the official SW Twitter and Facebook accounts. Unfortunately, LFP has decided he can no longer devote the time necessary to performing these duties and has decided to step down. We again want to thank LFP for all he did to promote the site and let our social media followers know when reg was open for many ME and forum games. He added relevant graphics and such to each tweet and FB post as well which gave it a great look.

As such, we are also looking for a new social media guru to run mainly the Twitter account as that has the bigger following but also the FB one as well if possible. Truth be told, if all that was maintained was the Twitter account, I think it'd be fine as it's more geared to our member base. If anyone is interested, please post contact Mack and/or myself and we can answer any questions or concerns.
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