NXT Takeover: R Evolution

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NXT Takeover: R Evolution

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MVH (The Shield)

NXT Play-Per-View returned this past Thursday with NXT Takeover: R Evolution. Many considered this a better show than Sunday's WWE TLC PPV. Stablewars is new to NXT Specials, and there was only a few matches to predict. There were 8 players who managed to get a perfect card, including WDM's Macho Maddness and trips15, MEM's lfpnrg and legendkiller003, and Survivor Series winner olliefpm, but it was the Shield's MVH who managed to score a perfect score AND only be off on the tiebreaker by 10 seconds. His best PPV win before this was getting 10th at WWE's Battleground PPV. Congrats :th:

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Re: NXT Takeover: R Evolution

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