Titlewars TLC Quick Preview

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Titlewars TLC Quick Preview

Post by Watsuki » Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:13 pm

Mostly I just wanted to let everyone know how the Unification match will be handled, but here's a quick summary of all the title matches:

Title Unification Match - When the tag titles were unified it was TW champion vs TW champion so my plan was to do the same this time around. However, since the WWE title is vacant in TW it will be a little different. If Cena wins then current World Champ GM Bike will be the Unified Champion. If Orton wins then Macho Maddness will win since he was the only person to pick Orton to win the World title.

IC Title Match - It's a Main Event Mafia showdown as SeeDub (c) defends against legendkiller003

Tag Title Match - Mackinlee and Macho Maddness of the Well Dressed Mafia are the only ones with a shot at taking the titles from GM Bike and 3pointtally before they reach 1000 days. They need The Real Americans to come on top to do it.

Divas Title Match - Franchise (MEM) defends against KoolMoeDee (Los Conquistadors) in a battle between the top 2 Titlewars players of all time. This is KMD's chance to start closing the gap for top spot.
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Re: Titlewars TLC Quick Preview

Post by Mackinlee » Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:15 pm

Damn, and I had Cena winning the WWE Title. But winning the Tag Titles won't be too bad.

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