WWE NOC Titlewars Results

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WWE NOC Titlewars Results

Post by Mackinlee » Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:13 pm

NEW Intercontinental Champion: GM Bike (The Shield)

Last night The Miz, with a little help from his stunt double, regained the title from Dolph Ziggler after losing it to him at WWE's last PPV SummerSlam. The Miz becomes a four-time IC Champion, joining the likes of Razor Ramon, Christian, Kofi Kingston, and Wade Barrett for 4 IC title reigns. Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler holds the title for just over a month. Surprisingly only two Stablewarriors had Ziggler losing it back to the Miz at NOC, PujolsisGOD5 and GM Bike. Fortunately for GM Bike, the bell time was 9:22, and PujolsisGOD5's time of 16 minutes was way too long. This title win marks GM Bike's third IC title reign and his 7th WWE title reign overall. Also, half the holders of the WWE Tag Team Champions are holding all the gold. The team of 3PT and GM Bike are now currently holding the Tag Team Championships, the WHC, the NXT Women's Championship, and now the IC Championship. MEM's SeeDub title reign ends at 35 days.

NEW Diva's Champion: Matt Sin (Free Masons)

Matt Sin may not have made picks for last night's PPV, but he knew that AJ would become the new Diva's Champion. Paige also loses her title after just winning it from AJ at last month's PPV SummerSlam. AJ was able to make the champ tap to the Black Widow and AJ becomes a three-time women's champion. AJ 3 title reigns ties with Alundra Blayze, Ivory, and Eve Torres. Unfortunately for LionFistSkye who had just successfully defended his title at SummerSlam (a very rough task to accomplish), he was not able to do the same at NOC. 8 players selected AJ to win the title at NOC, including MMH, GM Bike, and lfpnrg, but it was Matt Sin's bell time only being off by 20 seconds that secured his victory. This is Matt Sin's first Diva's Championship, but his 7th WWE title overall. LionFistSkye's title reign ends at a respectable 83 days.

STILL Tag Team Champions: 3PT & GM Bike and WorldsBestWrestler & The Viper

The bizarre team of Goldust and Stardust was able to defeat the strong Uso Brothers and end their impressive 202 day reign as tag team champions. Goldust has held tag team titles with several big names, including Barry Windham, Ricky Steamboat, and Booker T, and Stardust has held WWE Tag team Gold with several wrestlers, including Hardcore Holly, Ted DiBiase, and Drew McIntyre. This is the duo's second title reign together, last holding the gold at this past year's Royal Rumble. Only two picks were made for NOC, and out of the 20+ picks made none of them were for Goldust and Stardust/Cody Rhodes, so the lengthy reign for both team continues.

All three title picks are due by the start of RAW next Monday, September 29th. Picks can be made here. Good luck :th:

IC Championship http://www.stablewars.com/tw/registration.php?title=ic
Diva's Championship http://www.stablewars.com/tw/registrati ... title=diva
Tag Team Championship http://www.stablewars.com/tw/tagreg.php?title=unitag

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Re: WWE NOC Titlewars Results

Post by MVH » Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:30 pm

Yeeeeaaaah! Believe that! Good job Bike! :thup:
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