TNA Tag Team Titles Vacated ... AGAIN

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TNA Tag Team Titles Vacated ... AGAIN

Post by Franchise » Thu May 28, 2015 7:47 pm


Shortly before the live Impact on May 8th, Jeff Hardy broke his leg in a non-wrestling capacity. On the May 8th edition of Impact Wrestling, the Hardys were forced to vacate their newly won tag titles due to injuries. Since the titles were still vacant from the Eddie Edwards injury, no one was champ on May 8th but we did have picks ending that week as well. Since the picks were for who would beat the Hardys and not win the vacant titles, we need to vacate the titles again. With TNA taping well in advance and the next set of tapings not taking place until June 24th, registration will be open until June 24th at 5pm Eastern. That's a little less than 4 weeks to get those picks in...
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Re: TNA Tag Team Titles Vacated ... AGAIN

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Re: TNA Tag Team Titles Vacated ... AGAIN

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