TNA Titlewars Update Spoilers Included 6/19/16

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TNA Titlewars Update Spoilers Included 6/19/16

Post by Mackinlee » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:46 pm

NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: MMH (nWo)

X-Division Title Vacant

TNA Knockouts Championship RETAINED: MMH (nWo)

NEW TNA KOTM Champion: LoneWolf (The Threat)

At TNA's first PPV of 2016, Lashley defeated TNA World Champ Drew Galloway when Galloway passed out. This is Lashley's third run with TNA's World Heavyweight Championship. 4 picks remained for Lashley to win the title next, including Titlewars champion Mackinlee, but with the closet day by less than a week, MMH of the nWo wins the gold. This is MMH's 12th titlewars victory, his second TNA World victory and his 5th TNA victory, also holding the X-Division title, the KO's title, and the KO's Tag Team titles. Mackinlee's reign ends at 89 days.

Also at TNA's Slammiversary, Eddie Edwards outlasted Andrew Everett, DJZ, and champion Trevor Lee to win his first singles title in TNA, the TNA X-Division title. During the recent TNA tapings, Edwards would lose the title to Mike Bennett (his first title in TNA) on the June 21st edition of Impact Wrestling. However, on the July 7th edition of Impact Wrestling, Edwards would win the title back in Ultimate X, now his second singles title win. This all doesn't effect too much, as the X-Division Titlewars gold was vacant, and with no one predicted Edwards to win the title, it will remain vacant. HOWEVER, when predicting a wrestler to win the title next, do not select Mike Bennett to win it on June 21st and do not select Edwards to win on July 7th. Edwards in his second as champion needs to be in mind while predicting the next champion. One can select Bennett to win it a second time, but his win on June 21st will not count.

At Slammiversary, it was supposed to be champion Jade defending the title one-on-one against newcomer Sienna, but after some controversy, Gail Kim was added to the match making it a Triple Threat. The odds were now worse for Jade, but it didn't affect Sienna who walks out with her first KO's title in TNA. All the picks that were made, none was for Sienna, who at the time of registration didn't even make her debut yet. So dual champ MMH, who is now also World Champion, remains champion. He is currently over the 275 day mark.

Better late than never. On the TNA Impact that aired May 31st, Bram would lose a match to the Destroyer Bobby Lashley. Minutes later, Eli Drake would cash in his FOF briefcase and quickly defeated Bram for his first TNA title victory. There were several picks for Eli Drake still available, but it was rookie LoneWolf of the threat with over a month worth on all other picks, thus capturing him his first gold on Stablewars. Not bad for his rookie year. 3PT's reign ends under 50 days.

The current set of tapings are over, and the next ones will begin with Destination X on July 12th, so we will set registration up until then. Picks can be made at the links below. Good luck. :th:

TNA World Heavyweight Titlewars

TNA X-Division Titlewars ... title=xdiv

TNA Knockouts Titlewars ... tle=tnawom

TNA KOTM Titlewars ... tle=tnaleg

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Re: TNA Titlewars Update Spoilers Included 6/19/16

Post by Franchise » Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:52 pm

Holy hell. Great recap Mack. This hotshotting of the XDivision title was kind of ridiculous tho.
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