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Titlewars was created June 5th 2003 by Watsuki. The object of the game is to predict who will be the next WWE, TNA or UFC Superstar to win each available championship. If you make the correct pick, you get to be champion for as long as your pick remains champion on television. Your reign could last even longer.

How To Play
When a WWE, TNA or UFC Championship Title changes hands a registration window will open and you must pick who you think will be the next wrestler to win that title.

Submitting Picks
Click the "Registration Open" link corresponding to the title you wish to make a pick for. Your pick will consist of three parts: choose the wrestler you think will win the title, the date by which you think he/she will win it, and the match time of the championship match when the title changes hands.

When picking your wrestler you can either select a name from the list or enter a name in the text box should you think somebody not currently on the roster will win. When choosing the date you can either select a PPV from the list or enter another date (YYYY-MM-DD) in the text box. For the match time please use the MM:SS format.

If the date you picked has passed and the title still hasn't changed hands, then your pick is no longer in contention. The title must change hands on or before your predicted date for it to be valid. The match time is a tie-breaker where the closest time wins, whether it is higher or lower.

You can go for any number of championships you want. But you do have to wait till registration opens for each one. You must have a forum username to play Titlewars. If you do not have one, sign up for the forum. You do not have to actually use the forum, but you need the username to play.

Winning a Championship
If you make the correct pick then you become champion! Your reign will last as long as it takes for that championship to change hands again. It could even last longer.

The champion will retain the title if nobody manages to make the correct pick. The champion will defend the title if he is the person who makes the correct pick. There have been many champions who have retained their titles, but in over four years of Titlewars only two people have managed to defend their title.

Tag Team Championships
There's a twist for the three tag team championships. You and a partner must team up and agree on your pick. You may have up to three teams with three different partners. The screen to submit your tag picks will be a little different. There is no drop box to select a team from, you must type in the team. The date and match time selection works the same. Then you must enter a team name for yourself and your partner and select your partner from the list.

Once the inital picks is made by one partner it will show on the picks page highlighted in yellow. Picks highlighted in yellow are unconfirmed picks. Picks must be confirmed by partners in order to be valid. Below your team name you will see your name and your partner's name. The name on the left is always the one who submitted the pick and the one on the right is the one who must confrim the pick.

Your partner may then confirm your pick by going to the registration page, selecting your team name from the list
, and using his/her forum name and password.

There is one exception for the current champions: they may only team up with eachother. They are not allowed to form the standard three teams.

Registration Window Exceptions
Typically, the day after a title changes hands, registration will open for that title for about a week. Should the same title change hands once again during registration then only picks made before the start of the taping of the show will be valid. All shows during a TNA taping will be cutoff at the start of the first taping. You may change your picks any time during registration with the following exception: If there is a show during registration and you make your pick for that show and the title doesn't change hands, then you may not make a new pick after the show.

Should there be a change to WWE or TNA taping schedule, the registration window may be closed early without notice.

Further Exceptions
If a title is vacated in WWE/TNA programming then it will be vacated in Titlewars. An exception to this would be when a title is vacated and then a match is held on the same show to determine a new champion, then the forfeiting of the title is ignored and the new champion at the end of the show is the correct pick. This is to avoid having a vacant title for the duration of somebody's reign on WWE/TNA programming.

If a champion hands over his/her title to someone, then the Titlewars champion must also hand over the title to someone.

Some players have formed their own factions and fight for dominance of Titlewars. If you're good enough maybe you could join one, or start your own.

Do you have what it takes to be a Titlewars Champion?

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